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A multidisciplinary designer with more than four years' experience carrying out comprehensive design and research tasks. Nata has designed highly usable design solutions while doing in-depth user research and utilizing the concepts of human-centric design for both small businesses and established corporations. According to her, successful design begins with asking the appropriate questions.


A Full Stack developer with 3+ years of experience across both large companies & fast-growing tech startups. Initially a Rails loyalist, she has now developed a liking for NodeJS and has also dabbled in other JS frameworks. A graduate from IIT Kanpur, she wishes to explore the latest technologies while enjoying her off-time travelling.


She has more than six years of experience as a full stack developer with Jipswaa, South Africa Comms, Amazon, and other companies. For the past three years, she has also served as a remote consultant for software startups. She has deep knowledge of the Java ecosystem and specializes in designing and creating highly scalable, real-time JavaScript and NodeJS applications.


Aaserud has worked in the IT business for 9 years as a backend engineer. He has created applications for many different areas over his career, including legal, transportation, etc. He is skilled in a variety of backend technologies, such as Ruby on Rails, Go, Java, PHP, and NodeJS. He has experience dealing with both service- and product-based businesses.

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